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Coffee Ice Cream and Dulce de Leche at 3,491 Feet Bascom Lodge atop Mt. Greylock in Adams offers a restaurant unlike any other in the state. For starters, it sits on the summit of our tallest mountain and, at 3,491 feet, it’s the highest you can dine anywhere in Massachusetts. But you won’t be roughing it. Everything that goes into a meal at Bascom has to be driven up the mountain by one of the staff: Delivery trucks won’t come here. And everything that isn’t used has to be driven right back down before winter sets in. When the lodge shuts down for the season, the inside temperature matches that of the rugged, frigid landscape outside, and anything that can’t take the cold has to be packed out. Last year the restaurant’s chef, John Dudek, accidentally left the plastic top of an ice cream maker in the lodge over winter. It shattered.
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An opportunity to buy in a growth industry Visit a farmers market in California and you might find locally grown avocados, dates or grapefruit. OK, so we don’t have those here, but that’s what makes our radishes, corn and tomatoes all the more precious.
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