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Joe’s Diner has been sold to Heather Earle and Shelly Swindell from Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. The e two sisters have plans to improve the diner’s kitchen, dining room and make some changes to the menu while keeping the general feeling of the diner “as is.” Both women have worked in food service for many years. We wish them good luck in their new venture. 85 Center St., Lee; 413-243-9756


Clearwater Natural Foods in Lenox has been sold by sisters Ruth Wheeler and Maggie Sadoway to the brother-sister team of Danielle and Jason Dragonetti. The Dragonettis are owners of Spoon, a breakfast, lunch and organic ice cream scoop shop across the street in Lenox Village. They will be changing the name to Lenox Natural Foods. The shop will undergo renovations before reopening, adding local produce and take-out food into the mix. Lenox; 413-637-2721;


Nejaime’s Wine Cellar in Lenox has embarked on a major renovation, adding over 1,800 square feet to their current building. They hope to be open in late May. The new space will allow for a better customer flow with more room and better display options, and the addition of more craft beers and other goods. We look forward to visiting.… Read the rest

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The evening news delivers the stories that it declares to be breaking, different or unusual, or maybe just relevant to us all. As I write this, the news reader just announced that the northeast is bracing for another blast of frigid air, brought to us commercial-free by the jet stream, compliments of our Canadian neighbors.

What happened to global warming, I wonder. Hot air rises; it must all be over the North Pole. Officially it’s spring—so the calendar says.

This brought me to the next story, recited with a sign of concern on the reader’s face. According to some researchers, as many as one in every 20 Americans may suffer from gluten sensitivity, also known as gluten intolerance. Additionally, incidence of gluten-related celiac disease is rising sharply—in the last 50 years it has quadrupled.

The market for gluten-free food is estimated to be $2.6 billion. reading brought me another startling statistic: At least two-thirds of the cases of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children is caused by food sensitivities, according to a study published in the British medical journal The Lancet.

I thought back to when I was in grammar school. We had a boy in class who was always in trouble, acting out, creating a problem for the teacher.… Read the rest

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