Crazy Corn


This is hands-down my favorite grilled corn recipe. If you make this, get ready to be the most popular person at your barbecue and for your life to change forever because you will never want to eat corn any other way.

6 ears shucked corn
Extra-virgin olive oil
8 tablespoons crème fraîche, you should only use this, available everywhere
8 tablespoons grated *cotija or queso blanco cheese
6 teaspoons ground cayenne pepper, or to taste
Lime wedges
Cilantro, chopped
Salt and pepper

To grill. shuck your corn and then brush it on all sides with olive oil. Place the corn on a heated grill with medium-high heat and let the corn grill on each side for about 2–4 minutes, 10–15 minutes total. Keep your eye on it so it doesn’t burn!

Spread the crème fraîche on a plate or shallow bowl and roll each ear of corn in it, coating it on all sides. Really get it on there.

Sprinkle the grated cheese on all sides of the coated corn.

Do the same with the cayenne pepper. This adds kick and color!

Squeeze fresh lime juice over the corn. Garnish with cilantro, salt and pepper to taste.

Die and go to heaven eating this corn!

* cotija is available at both Guido’s, call your favorite market and ask if they can order a piece for you.

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