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Deval Patrick talks about farming, gardening, cooking, eating, and sharing Don’t be fooled by the natty suit. The 71st governor of Massachusetts, Deval L. Patrick, is a farmer at heart. It wasn’t the cute chicken motif on his tie that gave him away when he lunched with Edible Berkshires at Nudel restaurant in Lenox, but his boundless enthusiasm about helping farmers throughout the state and in the Berkshires where he and wife, Diane, own a second home. In fact, he’s often referred to as “The Agriculture Governor” and proud of it. He even was spotted at a recent lecture about how to raise backyard chickens, though he says his motive was sheer enjoyment rather than to give away eggs to Democratic fundraisers. After lunching together, we can confirm another moniker: Foodie. He’s eager to eat unusual and different foods, especially those locally grown, and sample what’s on your plate as well as chow down his own choices.
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CSA farms sell shares of the season’s harvest to a predetermined number of members. From early June through early November members come to the farm on a designated day each week to pick up their share of the harvest. Some farms offer only vegetable shares, while others include fruit, berries, flowers, eggs, honey and even baked goods. Members typically pay in advance, helping the farmer’s cash flow, and share some of the farmer’s risk—if weather or other factors reduce the harvest, shares may be slimmer—as well as accepting that there may be some items in the share that the buyer might not have purchased otherwise. Many CSAs offer recipes for making the most of unfamiliar fare. Although member shares are likely taken at this time of the year, it doesn’t hurt to make a call if you’re interested in joining.

Indian Line Farm is just one of the hundreds of CSA farms located throughout the Berkshires, the Pioneer Valley, southern Vermont, northern Connecticut and nearby New York State. Pretty much wherever you live around here, a CSA is likely to be handy to your home. Included here are farms within a 25 mile radius of Pittsfield along with contact information.

Berkshire Harmony
Pittsfield, MA

Berry Patch
Stephentown, NY

Caretaker Farm
Williamstown, MA

Crabapple Farm
Chesterfield, MA

Cricket Creek Farm
Williamstown, MA

Earthfire Farm
Buckland, MA

Farm Girl Farm

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